Bisbee2018 27/12/18—02/01/19

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We arrived at our vacation rental in Bisbee just ahead of a snowstorm
The prickly pear (and their red fruit) were as surprised by the snow as we were
Bisbee grew from the 1870's to the 1970's, after which nothing much happened, until we tourists arrived
The driver of the town's development was the Phelps-Dodge copper mine adjoining it. It shut down in 1975.
Until the end of copper mining, the town was prosperous and very cognizant of its mining culture. The county goverrnment complex is in beautiful art deco style.
The steep topography is difficult as a town site but picturesque!
Brewery Gulch is the traditionally disreputable side of town, now the home of olive oil shops and B & B's
The open pit mine and tailing piles lie just beyond town
Decorative art work is found in unexpected places