IMG 3984
We arrive in the historic district of Savannah, an atmospheric sector of a bigger city. (Advance the slides by hovering over the upper right corner)
IMG 3985
Colony leader James Oglethorpe laid out the town in the 1730's around 24 park-like squares, almost all of which survive and are surrounded by 18th and 19th century buildings
IMG 3987
The Mercer-Williams house was featured in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. General Mercer was great-grandfather of local hero, Johnny Mercer
IMG 3988
Forsyth Park, with its alley of live oaks, was anticipated in James Oglethorp's plan for the town.
IMG 3993
Taken by a friendly guard in City Hall
IMG 3994
The old Cotton Exchange building on the waterfront, where most of the buildings were devoted to the trade and survive after being repurposed
IMG 3997
These days, the port of Savannah handles containers.
IMG 3999
The atmospheric crypt of Revolutionary War hero Nathaniel Green, who prevented victory by the British in the south as they were winning in the north
IMG 4005
The National Park Service ferry terminus in beautiful St. Mary's, Georgia. The ferry goes to Cumberland Island National Seashore, much of which is protected wilderness
IMG 4006
Awaiting transport to the Island
IMG 4007 IMG 4009 IMG 4010
Departing St. Mary's
IMG 4012
We head out on the little-used main road of Cumberland Island under the live oaks. We later moved to wilderness area foot paths
IMG 4015
The graveyard of an old plantation family, bought out by the Carnegies
IMG 4016
We made nervous jokes about alligators but never saw one
IMG 4017
Our first campsite among the live oaks, cabbage palms and saw palmettos. On this day, the temperature in Minnesota was below zero
IMG 4018
The Carnegie clan bought up the island in the 1880's and a few mansions remain.
IMG 4020
The Carnegies began releasing many of their horses to the wild in the 1920's
IMG 4023 IMG 4025
Our second campsite was the best - on the bay where dolphins occasionally swam by
IMG 4026 IMG 4029 IMG 4034 IMG 4041
We camped near the beach on the ocean side of the island
IMG 4042
A live oak buffeted by ocean winds
IMG 4048
We used a new ultraviolet water purification gizmo that seems to have worked (so far)
IMG 4059 IMG 4061
A foggy morning on the beach as we depart our final site
IMG 4062 IMG 4064 IMG 4065
The native holly trees provided some color
IMG 4067
After backpacking in the wilderness area, we joined a Park Service tour of the principal Carnegie estate lands, complete with their now-feral horses
IMG 4069
The main Carnegie mansion, built by Andrew's under-appreciated brother and his widow, has not survived. The family sold most, but not all, of its holdings to the Park Service only in 1972.
IMG 4072
We relax at Park headquarters, waiting for the afternoon ferry
IMG 4075
Our reluctant departure to explore a few other islands before catching the plane
IMG 4077
At the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island, we learned that "tortoise shell" refers to the Hawksbill sea turtle
IMG 4078
One protesting sea turtle was receiving treatment for severe injuries, possibly from a boat hull
IMG 4079 IMG 4083
The Jekyll Island Club Hotel, where we did not stay
IMG 4091
The shrimp fleet at Darien, Georgia, an ordinary town in an extraordinary location on the coast
IMG 4093
The oldest lighthouse in Georgia, on Tybee Island, Savannah's Jersey shore