<br/>					The National Center for Atmospheric Research, in the hills above Boulder, is our primary center for in depth climate research The spectacular building was designed by I. M. Pei and is terminus for a network of hiking trails 4IMG 2948 <br/>					<br/>
7IMG 2953 8IMG 2954 9IMG 2961 <br/>					11IMG 2963 <br/>
<br/>					14IMG 2968 <br/>					<br/>					17IMG 2978 18IMG 2980
A forest fire 20 years ago permits a good view ahead 22IMG 2984 23IMG 2987 The bottom of a snow field in mid-August
The Colorado state flower, the blue columbine We had luxorious accommodations by our back country standards The onerous daily task of pumping and filtering water 31IMG 3023
32IMG 3016 33IMG 3017 34IMG 3018
39IMG 3028 40IMG 3029 <br/>					Sub-alpine pines with Thunder Lake in the back ground
<br/>					<br/>					48IMG 3041 50IMG 3044 52IMG 3045
53IMG 3048 54IMG 3049 <br/>					We heard the Brahms requiem and a portion of Mahler's 2d
<br/>					On our way up 62IMG 3061 <br/>					64IMG 3065
We day hike up above the lake Climbing to the saddle, called Trail Rider Pass Looking back past Thunder Lake 69IMG 3072 Closer to the pass
Finally, Trail Rider pass 73IMG 3084 The trail continues through tundra down the other side The Elk Range looking north The Maroon Bells were named for these colors and shapes 77IMG 3086
On our way back down The subalpine firs grow huddled against the winter winds Back to valley forest and fields 83IMG 3095 84IMG 3100
The weather turns cold We depart back down the valley Toward the beaver ponds <br/>
92IMG 3121 <br/>					<br/>					95IMG 3127 We stop at Glenn Miller's home town on the way back to Minnesota 97IMG 3138
98IMG 3136